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Computer Repairs Melbourne

“I think my computer has a virus!”

“My computer keeps crashing!”

“Why won’t my computer turn on?”

“My computer is so slow!”

If this is something you experience, we can help! Whether it be software or hardware, ITialise are here to diagnose and perform computer repairs in Melbourne to fix any IT problem you are having.

We also perform computer repairs outside of the Melbourne area where the issue can be fixed remotely over the phone or using remote control software.

We deal with many types of computers: laptops, desktops, servers of many different brands.

We can also diagnose and fix issues with other devices: tablets, printers, networking equipment, phones etc.

We provide efficient computer repairs in Melbourne that is affordable for your businesses or home. Using ITialise for your computer repairs assists your business to stay functional and operating with little or no down time.

The main purpose at ITialise is to offer onsite and remote computer repairs in Melbourne to small and medium business enterprises as well as home customers. No contracts. Discounted prepaid and monthly rates.
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